About us



Darwin Sports, Inc. is a professional  sports management company that coordinates minor league youth training  camps for Major League Baseball affiliated teams. It also provides  on-field training and instruction to baseball/softball teams and  individuals at all levels.

Darwin  Sports, Inc maintains offices and a research and development center  near Concord, NC. The Core Athletics facility was designed to develop  cutting-edge techniques, training equipment and innovative drills, many  of which have already been used by coaches at all levels. This is done  by working with local teams and individuals to maximize the quality of  instruction that will be provided during the training camp setting. The  Core Athletics facility was also designed to test and improve equipment  and training aids currently available.

Everyone  at Darwin Sports and Core Athletics shares the same vision: "We will  provide our students with the necessary tools and techniques to reach  their baseball and softball goals in a clean, family-friendly  environment."


Our Mission

 Core  Athletics mission is to fully develop the core of athletes; physically,  mentally, and spiritually through athletic and educational programs in a  quality training facility. The staff desires to utilize their own  gifts, talents, and experiences to help athletes reach their full  potential. 



 Conveniently located in Concord, NC with  easy access from I-85, Core Athletics is the place for you to turn for  year-round sports training. The Core Athletics training facility is  unlike any other in the Cabarrus County region, offering over 12,000  square feet of training space with 5 fully retractable cages, indoor  clay pitching mounds for both baseball and softball, and space for speed  and agility and strength training.  Additionally, there is an outdoor  field in the rear of the building with a full size 60ft/70ft base field  and 90ft practice diamond. Sports instruction is offered year round and  focuses on both the mental and physical aspects of the game. We strive  for our students to be able to physically perform and mentally  understand all fundamentals of the game while always keeping safety at  top of mind. Core Athletics offers private or team instruction by some  of the area's top coaches and instructors in fast pitch softball and  baseball. Each instructor at Core Athletics understands the limitations  of age and skill and will work one-on-one with the athlete to master  techniques and skills without ever compromising the safety or integrity  of the game. At Core Athletics we believe in teaching fundamentals and  mechanics. We go to great lengths to help athletes understand the full  spectrum of their skills and help them make improvements in their game  that will take them to the next level. 


Core athletics youth association

 Core Athletics Youth Association is a  non-profit 501(C)-(3) organization, providing competitive and recreation  athletic programs for players between the ages of 4 and 22. We develop  teams that are focused on the goal of building future leaders through  lessons in athletics. Our teams range from college summer league  (SCBL-Concord Athletics) to competitive Showcase events and youth  leagues.  This past year we had over 500 youth participants throughout  our various programs.  This sponsorship program gives businesses and  individuals the opportunity to support a young athlete with necessary  skill development to reach their goals. Your support is very much  appreciated and will allow us to continue to provide a superior program.   

A Letter From David


As a former professional pitcher within the Detroit Tiger and Cleveland Indians organization, and having instructed youth of all ages for over 20 years, I am very proud of the vision we have set forth for our Core Athletics clients. Having suffered a career ending injury, and spending a good deal of my time doing rehabilitation work with baseball and softball players, I know how critical it is that proper mechanics are taught at an early age, not only to increase your success, but more importantly, help prevent you from getting injured.

Whether your goal is a college scholarship or to pitch for your little league team, Core Athletics has the training curriculum to take you to that next level. Our goal is to teach players proper bio-mechanics to maximize their core and legs in order to increase their performance. Our cutting-edge techniques and innovative drills have been used by coaches at all levels. At Core Athletics, our curriculum is tailored to meet the skill level and learning style of each individual student. Everyone at Core Athletics shares the same vision: "We will provide our students with the tools and techniques to reach their baseball and softball goals in a clean, family-friendly environment."

Our focus is what sets Core Athletics apart from the competition, and why we have strong affiliations with the baseball and softball coaches throughout the region. We have been the go to facility in the region for over 9 years. Please consider making Core Athletics your choice to develop your child's athletic gifts and talents. We look forward to having you become a part of the Core family.


David Darwin